This is what's inside: Augusta's box in April 2021

Das ist drin: Augustas Box im April 2021 - Augustas Box

This cheese is in it

1. Sechon Vache

Animal: Cow
Region: Rhône-Alpes
Milk: raw milk
The little brother of St. Marcellin.
This small cheese made from raw milk is the gastronomic pride of the Dauphiné area at the foot of the Alps. This is where our cheese expert Sébastien’s childhood memories come back. It is a dry, round cheese with a strong flavor commensurate with its ripeness. Don't hesitate to grate it over a salad. It tastes delicious!

2. Chevrotin of Aravis

Animal: goat
Region: Savoie
Milk: raw milk
If you've been following us for a while, then you know the Reblochon. Here we have a goat Reblochon today. Its dough is soft and creamy, the taste is like goat cheese with a slightly spicy note. This cheese comes from a farmer's producer, which means that the cheese is made directly on the farm from milk from the farm. This producer prepares little wonders in the form of cheese.
Also try the cheese gratin over some potatoes and onions.

3. Gouda pesto

Animal: Cow
Region: Holland
Milk: Pasteurized
"In France they say that Holland is the other country of cheese."
This cheese can be tasted and enjoyed by the whole family. Also from women who are pregnant. The cheese has a nice pesto aroma. Its color can be a bit surprising, but it's all natural.
Please remember to take the cheese out of the fridge 30 minutes before eating, then its flavor will be even better.

4. Brie de Melun (large box only)

Animal: Cow
Region: Seine-et-Marne
Milk: raw milk
This other Brie is also a slightly different Brie. He is probably the progenitor of all sweetbreads. Its differentness offers a surprising taste, strong enough that you won't forget its special character. The dough is soft and you can let the cheese ripen a little without any problems.
A little tip: If you combine it with pears, it will reveal its full flavor.

5. Fourme de Montbrisons (large box only)

Animal: Cow
Region: Loire
Milk: Pasteurized
The cheese has an AOC seal and can only be produced in 33 municipalities located on the Hautes Chaumes plateau of the Monts du Forez.
The cheese benefits from knowledge of traditional production.
The word "Fourme" could be the origin of the word "Fromage".
A blue cheese with a dense, salty dough that melts in your mouth. It tastes mild and fruity.
You can also eat it warm, for example with raclette.

6. Bleu de Brebis (large box only)

Animal: Sheep
Region: Savoie
Milk: raw milk
During our visit to the Savoie cheese cellars (see Instagram), our friend Eric presented us with this goat cheese from the farmer. A very delicate but also strong blue cheese that goes very well with our soft wine La Poule aux Oeufs d'Or. The blue cheeses are salty and strong and need the soft wine to soften them and make them even better. This combination has been recognized by sommeliers as one of the best combinations.

This wine is included

Chateau Barouillet

White wine
Region: southwest. Bergerac
Sauvignon Blanc,
Sauvignon Gris,

For your box we have selected a dry and atypical white wine from the Barouillet winery. Certified as a biodynamic company, Vincent Alexis produces atypical wines, without filtering and with maceration.
On the nose you will find floral and fruity aromas of citrus.
The finish is a strong and refreshing wine that goes well with Chevrotins des Aravis or Séchon cheese.
Cheers, dear friends!

La poule aux oeufs d'or (only in the large box)

White wine
Region: Southwest
Grapes: large and small Manseng

Now we can offer you the experience with a sweet wine and blue cheese. The young offspring of the Laplace family represent a whole range of amazing and dynamic wines.
This wine is blended from the two vines and produces a fresh, elegant wine with exotic aromas, notes of pineapple and fresh grapes. An excellent taste will enchant you and bring you joy together with the blue cheese from your box.

There was this paté

Fondant de porc (only if ordered)

Pierre Oteiza, our friend from the Basque Country, raises his pigs outdoors in the beautiful mountains. Here he offers us a liver sausage that he has refined with a touch of cognac for flavor. Spread on a slice of bread or grilled bread, we immediately loved it. We would like to share this with you.

So dear friends, the selection of the products and the packing of the boxes are done with a lot of love. We hope you continue to enjoy it or become curious and try it out for yourself.

The Augustas Box team wishes you all the best

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