This is what's inside: Augusta's box in April 2023

Das ist drin: Augustas Box im April 2023 - Augustas Box

This cheese is in it

1. Coulommiers

Raw milk from cows in the Seine and Marne region.

Here is a cheese that needs to be rediscovered. Unfortunately, nowadays it is too industrialized and is made from tasteless pasteurized milk. We would like to introduce you to the original version, which is made from raw milk and has a nice nut and mushroom aroma. A real treat!

2. Picodon

Raw milk from Ardèche goats.

In Provencal Picaoudou means "smaller
Spicy cheese". Since the 14th century, it has still been made according to the traditional method, with goat's milk, raw and full. Behind its clear taste of goat, sometimes spicy, the Picodon hides a delicate heart and subtle aromas of nuts and mushrooms Depending on the ripening process, a Picodon offers very different colors and flavors.

3. Cantal

Raw milk or pasteurized milk from Auvergne cows.

At 2,000 years old, Cantal is the oldest cheese in Auvergne. The value of cheese has been appreciated since ancient times because it was used as a means of payment when exchanging cheese for wine from the Midi.
The young cheese still tastes mild after 30 days. It is said to be old Cantal if it has been stored for longer than 6 months. Then it has a rust-colored bark and darkened dough. Its piquant, spicy taste is only for true cheese lovers.

4. St. Felicien

Raw milk from cows in the Isère region.

One of our favorites, a cheese for connoisseurs! Creamy, powerful, delicious and sometimes flowing so that you can enjoy it with a spoon, for example on a nice country bread. There are many adjectives to describe this fatty cheese (60% fat in dry matter).
It is the cousin of St. Marcellin, but even creamier and larger in its version. For a while it was made from goat cheese, but from now on it is made only from cow's milk.

This wine is included

Wine 1: Cuvée Marine

White wine from the Côte de Gascogne region
Grapes: Sauvignon and Colombard
Winemaker: Domaine Ménard

This is a wine that we love at Augustas Box. A wine to enjoy with friends, as an aperitif, with goat cheese and especially with sheep cheese. In the mouth, the roundness and the dry side mix, as well as the aromas of exotic fruits (pineapple, mango). It's a real taste explosion! Take a piece of goat cheese and try it with this wine. You have a perfect combination there.

Wine 2: Vouvray Tuffo Sec (only if ordered)

White wine from the Loire region
Grapes: Chenin Blanc
Winemaker: Domaine Pinon

This wine is back in your box. He caused quite a stir at our summer evening in the park last July.
Less known than the sparkling version, the Vouvray is made from 100% Chenin Blanc grapes. It develops notes of fresh fruits and minerals on the nose. In the mouth, beautiful notes of pears and citrus fruits are balanced with a hint of honey.
For three generations, the Pinon family has been managing this beautiful estate with respect for nature, because wine begins primarily in the vineyard.

There was this sausage

Saucisson aux Beaufort (only if ordered)

Pork sausage from the Savoie region

This sausage is made in the French Alps. It combines two emblematic products of this region: Beaufort cheese with a firm dough, made on the mountain pastures, and the meat of pigs raised in the fresh air of the mountains. The format of this product is typical of French gastronomy, easy to transport for a picnic, a walk in the forest or a trip to the lake.

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