This is what's inside: Augusta's box in June 2023

Das ist drin: Augustas Box im Juni 2023 - Augustas Box

This cheese is in it

1. Meule de Savoie Grande Reserve

Raw milk hard cheese from cows in Savoie.

It is a cheese from the Gruyères family. It is made exclusively from the whole milk of cows coming from the Reblochon AOP area. The cows come to the pastures in spring and feed on the grass of the mountains. The traces of the fresh flowers can be found in the cheese.
The production is similar to that of Beaufort. The cheese is stored in moist cellars made of natural rock for a minimum of 10 months. During this maturation period, the Meule is treated like the Beaufort by being brushed regularly and washed with brine.
Its fruity taste becomes more intense as it ripens. The creamy, golden-yellow dough is occasionally streaked with fine salt crystals. A fruity rosé or white wine goes well with this.

2. Garralda - Tomme de Chevre

Raw milk from goats from the Basque Country.

This beautiful farmer's cheese is made on the Bordalanda farm in Hasparren. There, in the Pyrenees, animals are respected. The goats have abundant pastures and produce the best milk. The farm owners take the time to produce special cheeses like this Tomme de Chèvre. Our friend Pierre Oteiza, the ambassador of the Basque Country, chose this cheese. The taste is perfect with a cool and dry wine, white or rosé.

3. Tomme de Chartreuse

Raw milk from cows in the Chartreuse region

Finally we get to introduce you to the cheeses from La ferme de Plantimay. Sébastien knows this farm very well as it is only a few kilometers from his parents' house. He could almost tell you the name of every cow that produced this beautiful cheese. The Chartreuse is not only a herbal schnapps, but also a beautiful mountain range near Grenoble. The green pastures allow the cows to give us wonderful and tasty milk from which we can make beautiful cheese. Tomme de Chartreuse is a pressed, uncooked cheese that develops aromas of wine cellars and mushrooms on the nose. The cheese is creamy and can be aged in the fridge if you like a strong cheese.

4. Cheddar

Raw milk from cows in England

"Oh yes", we are in England, friends. And no, the English don't just eat fish and chips or roast beef, they also have excellent cheeses. Like this wonderful farmer's cheese that matures 300 meters underground in the caves of Wookey Hole. The long maturation gives it a strong, creamy, animal and earthy note. This cheese goes very well with a red wine or a Claret like our Tanat.

This wine is included

Wine 1: Rosé Nicot

Rosé wine from the Bordeaux region
Grapes: 70% Cabernet Franc and 30% Merlot
Winemaker: Chateau Nicot family Dubourg

Our friend Guillaume Brun, an excellent winemaker in St. Emillion, introduced us to the wines of the Dubourg family. The family has been producing excellent Bordeaux wines for 7 generations (soon to be 8). They present us a rosé wine with a strong expression, a concentrate of delicious aromas and an intense freshness. The mouth leaves space for the expression of small red fruits. It's fresh and good! Especially with our beautiful cheeses.

Wine 2: Ta Nat's (only if ordered)

Red wine from the Madiran region (southwest) Grapes: Tannat
Winemaker: Laougué

A wonderful wine created by Sylvain Dabadie. A homage to the royal vine of Madiran, the Tannat. We have a wine that should be drunk a little cooler, so don't hesitate to put it in the fridge and take it out an hour before opening, then it will release all its fruity aromas such as strawberries, cherries and currants. A light red wine that goes very well with cheese.
Bon appetit!

There was this sausage

Saucisson Provencal (only if ordered)

Pork sausage from the Savoie region

The time has come, summer is coming. And there is nothing better than a beautiful Savoyard sausage with the aroma of Provence. It already smells like vacation. Make sure you are not mistaken if you see fungi (mold) forming around the sausage, this is not harmful. It is called the "flower", it is natural and important for the sausage, which dries in the fresh air.

Summer break

Yes, dear ones, where has the year gone?!

There is summer break in July and August!

Due to the higher temperatures in summer, we will not be sending out subscription boxes for the next two months.

Of course, you can still order your wine for your next garden party online.

Now enjoy the summer, which is just about to begin here in Berlin! Finally sit outside in the evening and light the candles.

Maybe you can also treat yourself to some vacation.

We'll hear from each other again in September. Then finally with more other topics about wine and cheese and France. As a happy new grandmother, I was a bit distracted with family matters.

Silvia and the Augustas Box team wish you all the best

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