This is what’s inside: Augusta’s box in September 2021

Das ist drin: Augustas Box im September 2021 - Augustas Box

Hello, my dears,

The summer break is over and the September boxes have been delivered. We hope you had a lovely summer.

During my vacation I went a bit off the rails when it came to culinary delights and enjoyed wine and cheese from Tuscany. But now back to our wonderful products in the box.

This cheese is in it

1. Agour Allspice

Animal: Sheep
Region: Basque Country
Milk: raw milk

Slightly spicy thanks to the taste of piment Espelette. This sheep's cheese from Agour has been awarded several gold medals. With the two wines in your box it will be a real treat. Tell us which wine you like better with this cheese. We liked both.

2. Bleue de Laqueille

Animal: Cow
Region: Auvergne
Milk: Pasteurized

Le Bleue de Laqueille is one of the Auvergne protected appellations (AOC). A joy for everyone because his milk is pasteurized. Strong and melting, it will go perfectly with a fruity rosé like the Rosé Instant. This blue cheese is particularly appreciated on a piece of bread, in a gratin (with chorizo ​​and pasta) or in a salad. Bon appetit!

3. Tomme de Savoie

Animal: Cow
Milk: raw milk
Savoie region
Beef: Edible, but not very interesting.

The oldest cheese in Savoy is very important to us. Grandma Augusta also grew up in this area in the beautiful mountains.

A characterful cheese with a delicate hazelnut flavor, the dough of which changes color from white to dark yellow as it ripens. It is one of the few types of cheese that can be served with all wines, whether white or red.
We love him!

4. Tommette de Chèvre fermières (large box only)

Animal: goat
Region: Savoie
Milk: raw milk

It will soon be time for the goats to return to the farms and leave the summer pastures. They enjoyed the fresh air and the mountain flowers. You will find all of this in your goat cheese, excellent quality and an incomparable taste.
Maturation takes place for two months in the tunnels of the Savoie aging cellars. Rosé, a dry and fruity wine, goes best with this cheese.

5. Langres (large box only)

Animal: Cow
Region: Haute Marne
Milk: Pasteurized

A soft cheese with a strong taste. The peculiarity of this cheese is that it has a hollow in the middle because it is never turned over during its maturation. Some people put some Burgundy pomace in the middle and flambé it. It also tastes great with a small brioche bread.
This cheese has had an AOC seal since 1991 and is only produced by a few cheese dairies. It almost disappeared in the 1950s.

6. Brique de Hyelzas (large box only)

Animal: Sheep
Region: Lozère/Occitania
Milk: raw milk

We especially love this cheese. A fine cheese with a floral rind. Its creamy softness paired with a powerful, slightly salty taste, accompanied by an aroma of sheep, straw and hot milk. Its flat shape ensures an original presentation. It goes perfectly with a rosé wine. These cheeses are made in a very small farm. A delicacy!

This wine is included

Rosé Instant

Rose wine
Region: Sancerre
Grapes: 100% Pinot Noir

Domaine Berthier.
An elegant and fruity rosé that has beautiful notes of red fruits. On the palate, the wine shows both the smoothness and refreshing acidity of Pinot Noir. A perfect wine as an aperitif, with salads, for sheep's cheese or blue cheese. We'll let you taste it.

Le vilain Petit Canard(only in the large box)

White wine
Region: Southwest France
Grapes: 100% Great Manseng

Domaine La Place.
Where the earth is really hot, the Laplace family presents us with a wine of amazing freshness: it has notes of exotic fruits and is delicious, a light sweet wine but with a beautiful acidity.
This wine is perfect to enjoy with friends over an aperitif. It also goes very well with a blue cheese or some strong cheeses.
By the way, his name is very funny: “The little ugly duckling”.

There was this paté

Saucisson au piment d'espelette

 The Espelette pepper is the pride of the Basque Country. This pepper was introduced from South America in the 16th century and has found its place in this region of France. Today it is an essential part of the kitchen. It gives the sausage a slightly spicy note.

A few words at the end

Maybe a few more of you have become curious and will try out our boxes.

I have already seen the compilation for October and can only say that our cheese master Sébastien has done his best again.

I would also like to draw your attention to our virtual live tasting . Once you have received the box you ordered, you can try it out with us and ask questions. Try it out at

Silvia and your team at Augustas Box wish you a nice start to autumn

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