April April, he does what he wants

April April , der macht was er will - Augustas Box

Because we always put together our boxes with a lot of love, we would also like to introduce each of the monthly boxes so that you can get a feel for the products there.

The April box contains the following delicacies:

Of cheese:

  • St. Marcellin. Raw cow's milk. Soft cheese. Cheese from Isère.

A small round cheese from the Isère region. According to a long tradition, the knowledge of how cheese is made has been inherited, shared and lived in this region for decades. A cheese with a mildly sour taste. However, the cheese tastes best when shared with friends or family. We recommend a dry and mineral Chardonnay with this cheese.

  • Brie de Meaux. Raw cow's milk. Soft cheese- cheese from Marne la Vallée

The cheese of emperors and kings and the "King of Cheeses". With its long, exciting history, Brie not only fits perfectly into our box, but also goes very well with applesauce ;-)

Read about the history and tradition of brie in our article "C'est La Brie". The Cheverny white wine seems to be perfect for Brie.

  • Bleu du Vercors. Also called: Bleu de Sassenage. Raw cow's milk. Cheese from Vercors & Sassenage

A cheese made in the mountains on the Vercors plateau. Although the Bleu de Vercors was a real hit at the royal court at Versailles, it almost disappeared in the early 1900s. We still can't miss this cheese. This cheese can be cooked or baked until it melts gently. For example in a gratin or a quiche. We recommend a sweet white wine with this cheese.

  • Crottin de Chavignol. Raw goat milk. Cheese from the Sancerre region.

This small goat cheese is particularly strong and delicious. Adding to its history linked to the Sancerre vine, it is also highly appreciated as a Sauvignon white wine, but also as a dry and mineral Chardonnay. This cheese can be enjoyed on its own or in a warm goat cheese salad. For this cheese, we recommend Cheverny Blanc to complete the enjoyment.

  • Templais Fleuron. Pasteurized cow's milk. Cheese from the Lot–et–Garonne

Characterful cheese with a yellow-brown color and a firm but crumbly consistency that matures in special cellars for at least 52 weeks. This cheese impresses with its mild but nutty-floral aroma. In the Cantine d'Augusta it is particularly valued in salads. But it also offers great competition to parmesan with pasta or in gratin.

  • St Nectaire. Raw cow's milk. Auvergne cheese.

Already appreciated by the Romans, this cheese is one of the most popular in the world. It can only be produced in the 72 listed towns in France as its origin is protected. We source this cheese from a small farmer. This everyday cheese reveals aromas with notes of mushrooms or hazelnuts and is covered with a natural mold that settles in a cavity on the rind during maturation. We recommend the Cru Monplaisir with this cheese to enjoy both the cheese and the wine in their full-bodied flavors.

Of wine:

  • White wine Cheverny Blanc Household: 90% Sauvignon, 10% Chardonnay Loire Valley

The residential complex is Terra Vitis certified. The vine is managed with respect for the soil and the environment, promoting the quality of the grapes through the control of yields.

This wine has a straw yellow color. Its fresh note is aromatic and is characterized by a composition of lychee, citrus fruits and blackcurrant buds. Its taste is wonderfully sour and balanced with a long, round finish.

This wine pairs perfectly with a Crottin de Chavignol and a Brie de Meaux.

  • Red wine XL Cru Monplaisir. 75% Merlot, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon, 5% Cabernet Franc Bordeaux Supérieur (Bordeaux Supérieur)

The Domaine Gonet Medeville, as experts in the Bordeaux region, knows how to understand the aromas of the wine as an expression.

The fullness of Merlot is reflected in the fineness and fruity aroma of these smooth and balanced Merlots. Simply perfectly vinified, delicious and easily accessible.

This wine will perfectly enhance the taste of St. Nectaire, as the sweetness of the red wine delicately envelops the taste of the cheese without losing the contrast or changing the personality of its aroma.

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