When classic is classically beautiful: Comté

Wenn klassisch klassisch schön ist: Comté - Augustas Box

This delicious raw milk cheese finds its origins in one of the most beautiful places in France: in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region between the Jura Mountains bordering Switzerland, limestone mountains, light-filled pastures, huge and dense forests. Morbier and Mont d'Or are also produced here.

As a very regional product, the Comté always tastes different - depending on the season and the feed of the Montbéliard cows. After milking, the milk from Montbéliard cows remains unchanged and untreated, meaning it is not heated or filtered. This means that all the flavors, vitamins and other nutrients are retained in the milk and also ensure its varied taste.

In almost every small village in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté there is a cheese factory with a very small catchment area. This means that it's not about the masses and that every dairy farmer knows his cows by name. In close collaboration, not only the dairy farmer takes care of the production of the Comté, but also the cheese master and the maturing cellar master. All three partners do unparalleled work and guarantee cheese of first-class quality.

With its excellent taste, the Comté – fruité ou vieux goes very well with fruits such as figs, pears or glazed apples. The Comté also develops its diverse taste with pumpkin or spinach, with nuts, as a gratin or, in the classic way, with farmer's, white or gray bread.

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