This is what's inside: Augusta's box in April 2022

Das ist drin: Augustas Box im April 2022 - Augustas Box

This cheese is in it

1. Picodon from Ardèche

Raw milk from Ardèche goats.

In Provencal Picaoudou means "smaller
Spicy cheese". Since the 14th century, it is still made according to the traditional method, with goat's milk, raw and full. Behind its clear taste of goat, sometimes spicy, the Picodon hides a delicate heart and subtle aromas of nuts and mushrooms Depending on the ripening process, a Picodon offers very different colors and flavors.

2. Galletout from Occitania

Raw goat milk from Occitania.
It has the shape of a small domed pebble, similar to those that line the bed of the Dordogne River. A real eye-catcher on your cheese plate.
Its cream-colored bark is thin, wrinkled and covered with fine white fuzz. Its dough is chalky and melty. The taste is very special, spicy and sweet.

3. Bleu de Termignon from Savoie

Raw milk from cows in Savoie.
We could tell you many stories about this cheese. He is very rare! It is made in the mountains at an altitude of more than 2000m by just three families and is the only natural blue cheese in the world. More in the blog!

4. Frontine from the Alps region

Raw milk cheese from cows in the Alps region. Frontine, cousin of the Italian Fontina, is a cheese that had disappeared from the French Alps. Our friend and affineur Eric had it restored in the mountain pastures at an altitude of 2300 meters. A very nice discovery that we present to you.

This wine is included

1. Cheverny blanc from the Loire region

White wine from the Loire region
Grapes: Sauvignon and Chardonnay
Winery: Domaine Maison

The Sauvignon brings a dry side to this wine, while the Chardonnay gives it a nice roundness. The wine goes excellently with goat cheese, but its fruity side can also be very enjoyable when enjoying mountain cheese. A wine with notes of citrus fruits but also with notes of exotic fruits such as lychee.
The wine has the Terra vitis classification.

2. Ephemerals from the Côte du Rhône region (only if ordered)

White wine from the Côte du Rhône region
Grapes: 50% Grenache, 25% Viognier, 25% Roussanne
Winery: Vignerons d'Estezargues

A natural wine produced using organic methods. People often talk about natural wine and when you taste it, you find a somewhat strange and not very popular taste. But if the winemaker knows his craft, then you get a very good wine, often with a concentrated, fruity taste. Our winemakers know how to make wine and they prove it to you in this bottle.
A dry wine, fruity with notes of white fruits such as peach.
Good tasting!

There was this paté

Pâté à la cerise from the Basque Country (only if ordered)

Paté with cherries from the Basque Country made by Pierre Oteiza
The Basque Country is one of the most beautiful regions of France. It is very rich in gastronomic specialties: wines, cheese and sausages, but also great fruits such as cherries. Our friend Pierre Oteiza has prepared a very nice recipe for a black cherry paté basque. A true delicacy.

A true delicacy...

Yes, dear ones, all of our products naturally fall under this heading.

In our house it's always a little celebration when we open such a nice wine, arrange the cheese nicely on the cheese platter and have the delicious baguette ready to go with it. My personal highlight this time was the picodon and the paté with cherries. So delicious!! My mouth is watering again just thinking about it. :)

We wish you a nice Easter and lots of fun looking for Easter eggs.

Joyeuses Pâques

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