This is what's inside: Augusta's box in December 2022

Das ist drin: Augustas Box im Dezember 2022 - Augustas Box

This cheese is in it

Cheese 1: Gouda with truffles

Pasteurized cow's milk cheese from Holland

We French call Holland the other country of cheese. Small pieces of real truffles are added to the cheese and then aged for approximately 8 weeks. The aroma of the cheese combines with the truffle and the result is a special kind of enjoyment. Here you will discover a creamy dough with beautiful truffle notes. This cheese definitely belongs on the cheese platters at Christmas.

Cheese 2: Camembert Calvados

Raw cow's milk cheese from the Haut de France region

Two typically French products in one. This cheese is washed every day with Calvados, giving it a strong flavor yet light texture. An excellent pleasure. With the Crémant it will reveal itself better and less strongly.

Cheese 3: Timanoix

Pasteurized cow's milk cheese from the Morbihan region

A cheese from our friend Bernard Mure Ravaud (best cheese maker in the world). The monks of Timadeuc Abbey created the processed cheese with a lovely nutty note. It is regularly washed with nut liqueur and this preserves its brown bark. A delight for gourmets that boasts all the virtues of a dessert. Both wines in your box will go perfectly with it.

Cheese 4: Etivaz

Raw cow's milk cheese from the Vaud Alps

Etivaz is, so to speak, the Rolls Royce of Swiss Gruyère cheeses. This exceptional cheese is still cooked over a wood fire in the mountain pastures at 1500 meters altitude in the Swiss Alps. It has a unique taste with small salt crystals and fruity notes.

This wine is included

Cremant de Bourgogne

Region: Burgundy
Grapes: Chardonnay
Winemaker: Cave de Bailly

We won't celebrate Christmas without the bubbles. These are fine, dry and fruity. The Chardonnay reveals all its fruit here. It's about finesse, not fullness, with a very nice minerality.

With this little Christmas present to you, let's toast to a cozy Christmas season with your loved ones and a happy New Year.

Le Grand Verdus

Red wine from the Bordeaux region
Grapes: 80% Merlot,
20% Cabernet Sauvignon
Winemaker: Le Grand Verdus

A fresh, round wine with notes of red and black berries such as currants. It is a natural wine with aromatic purity without the addition of sulfur dioxide.
Thomas and Edouard describe it as a wine for good times with friends.

In this sense: Santé les amis!

There was this sausage

Saucisson Cerf

Pork and deer sausage from the Lyon region Autumn is the season of mushrooms and game and brings wonderful products from the forests and mountains. Like this pork and deer sausage, for example. It is a special French specialty and a truly intense delight.

Yes, dear friends, where has this year gone? Christmas again! Hopefully you are in a peaceful pre-Christmas mood.

We say: Joyeux Noêl et bonne année!

Think about it........

Think, I saw the Christ child!
It came from the forest, its cap full of snow,
With a red-frozen nose.

His little hands hurt
Because she was carrying a sack that was very heavy,
Dragged and rumbled behind him.

Would you like to know what was inside?
Your nose, your mischievous pack -
Do you think he would openly be the sack?

Tied up to the top!
But there was certainly something beautiful in it!
It smelled so much like apples and nuts!

Anna Ritter

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