This is what's inside: Augusta's box in January 2021

Das ist drin: Augustas Box im Januar 2021 - Augustas Box

This cheese is in it

1. Raclette Chèvre
Pasteurized goat milk
Region: Savoie
Raclette cheese doesn't have to be made from cow's milk. In Savoie, the farmers also produce very good goat cheese for raclette. A soft, subtle taste of goat will surprise you. The dry white wine in your box is perfect with this.

2. Chaource
Raw cow milk
Region: Burgundy
We prefer the farmers' cheeses because they have more character and authenticity. This cheese with a chalky yet melting heart comes straight from beautiful Burgundy. It goes very well with Chardonnay from this area.

3.Tomme de Savoie
Raw cow milk
Region: Savoie
A cheese with character and a delicate taste, the oldest in this area, where Grandma Augusta also comes from. As it ripens, it changes color from white to dark yellow. It goes particularly well with red wines, especially Bordeaux. We love him!

4. Meule du Skieur (large box only)
Raw cow milk
Region: Savoie
Our friend Eric created this cheese in 2013 with a farmer friend.
A hard dough like Beaufort and Comté. Smaller in shape, it contains notes of alpine flowers and nuts. A real pleasure with a white wine from Savoie.

5. Le crémeux de bourgogne à la truffe (large box only)
Pasteurized cow's milk
Region: Bourgogne
Melting and with a slight truffle flavor. The dough is particularly creamy because it is made from double cream. This cheese is a delight for all gourmets. A glass of red wine or white wine goes well with this.

6. Pont l'Évêque (large box only)
Raw cow milk
Region: Burgundy
What a classic! He has been known since 1230. When the time of the railway came, it was sold in Paris as a luxury cheese. This little square is a piece of French history. We like it with a fruity red wine like Château Nicot.

This wine is included

Arbois Chardonnay
White wine
Region: Jura
Grapes: Chardonnay
Made in the purest tradition of Chardonnay, this wine displays aromas of honey, fruit and white flowers. It tastes fruity and mineral. As a major cheese producer, the Jura makes exceptional wines that go perfectly with delicious cheese.

Chateau Nicot (only in the large box)
red wine
Region: Bordeaux
Grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot
A wine smooth in the mouth, with beautiful notes of red fruits, like small dark berries. A not too aggressive wine that harmonizes well with cheese. You don't need a red wine that's too strong, which weakens the taste.

There was this paté

Saucisson de Sanglier (only if ordered)
The sausage from the pig's cousin, the wild boar from the forest and field, is more rustic but tastes so delicious. Perfect after a good day at work, accompanied by a nice red wine.

Silvia and the Augustas Box team wish you a healthy new year

Bonne annee!

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