This is what's inside: Augusta's box in January 2022

Das ist drin: Augustas Box im Januar 2022 - Augustas Box

Hello, my dears!

I hope you've had a good start to the new year. We wish you health and satisfaction. We don't know what to expect this year, but one thing is certain: we will continue to enjoy cheese and wine. Now to the January box:

This cheese is in it

1. “Raclette Chèvre” from Savoie

Pasteurized goat's milk from Savoie.
Raclette cheese doesn't always have to be made from cow's milk. In Savoie, the farmers also produce very good goat cheese for raclette. A soft, subtle taste of goat will surprise you. The dry white wine in your box is perfect with this.

2."Chaource" from Burgundy

Raw milk from the cow in Burgundy. The bark is edible. Sébastien, our cheese expert, always prefers the farmer's cheese because it has more character and authenticity than the industrially produced one. This cheese with a chalky yet melting heart comes straight from beautiful Burgundy. It goes very well with Chardonnay from this area.

3. "Tomme de Savoie" from the Savoie

Raw milk from cows in Savoie. The bark is edible, but doesn't taste very interesting.

A cheese with character and a delicate taste, the oldest in this area, where Grandma Augusta also comes from. She grew up in the beautiful mountains of Savoy. As it ripens, it changes color from white to dark yellow. It is one of the few cheeses that goes very well with red wines, especially Bordeaux. We love him!

4. "Meule de Skieur" from Savoie (large box only)

Raw milk from cows in Savoie.
Our friend Eric from Caves d'affinages created this cheese in 2013 with a farmer friend.
A hard dough like Beaufort and Comté. Smaller in shape, it concentrates more of the notes of alpine flowers and nuts. A real pleasure with a white wine from Savoie.

5. "Cantal" from Auvergne (large box only)

Raw milk or pasteurized milk from Auvergne cows.
At 2,000 years old, Cantal is the oldest cheese in Auvergne. The value of cheese has been appreciated since ancient times because it was used as a means of payment when exchanging cheese for wine from the Midi.
The young cheese still tastes mild after 30 days. It is said to be old Cantal if it has been stored for longer than 6 months. Then it has a rust-colored bark and darkened dough. Its piquant, spicy taste is only for true cheese lovers.

6. "Pont l'évêque" from Burgundy (large box only)

Raw milk from cows in Burgundy. The bark is edible.
A classic yes, but what a classic dear friends. He has been known in France since 1230. When the time of the railway came, it was sold in Paris as a luxury cheese. This little square is a piece of French history. We like it with a fruity red wine like Château Nicot.

This wine is included

White wine "Les chemins de Rome" from the Duché d'Uzès region

Grapes: 50% Voignier, 30% Grenache blanc,
20% Rousanne
Winemaker: Les Vignes de l'Arques

This winery has a special meaning for our wine and cheese expert Sébastien. Here he had his first courses to learn how wine is made.
This wine shows a good marriage of three grape varieties, giving it a nice aromatic complexity. This dry wine from the south of France has a golden color and a fruity note.

Red wine: "Syrah Julien Cecillon" from the Côtes du Rhône region

Grapes: Syrah
Winemakers: Nancy and Julien Cecillon

Julien Cecillon presents us with an excellent Syrah with beautiful notes of red fruits, spices and hints of violets. It is a wine for friends, to be shared with a nice piece of Cantal or Tomme de Savoie. As Juju would say: Drink at every opportunity, especially when there isn't one...!

This charcuterie existed

"Saucisson de Porc et Taureau" (only if ordered)

The sausage is made from pork and bull. It has a strong taste and tastes delicious. Perfect after a good day at work, accompanied by a nice red wine.

Silvia and your team at Augustas Box wish you all the best.

Bonne annee!

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