This is what’s inside: Augusta’s box in June 2021

Das ist drin: Augustas Box im Juni 2021 - Augustas Box

This cheese is in it

1. "Templais Fleuron" from southwest France

Animal: Cow
Region: Southwest France/Lot-et-Garrone
Milk: Pasteurized

For 140 years, the production of particularly tasty cheese has been passed down from father to son at the Baechler cheese dairy. After 52 weeks in the aging cellar, this cheese develops its characterful, nutty taste. Its consistency will remind you of old Italian Parmesan. It is best enjoyed on a nice cheese platter with a good glass of rosé, which gives it even more mildness.

2. "Mimolette Vielle 12 Months" from Northern France

Animal: Cow
Region: Northern France
Milk: Pasteurized

The Losfeld family has been aging their cheeses in the town of Roubaix for four generations. Today they are the best specialists for Mimolette cheese, a spherical semi-hard cheese. The name comes from the French "mimou", semi-soft. Depending on the age, it has a mild, nutty to strong, spicy taste. It is often eaten with brown bread and cornichons. Since it is easy to grate, there are also many possible uses in hot kitchens.

3. "Garralda" from the Basque Country

Animal: goat
Region: Basque Country
Milk: raw milk

This beautiful farmer's cheese is made on the Bordalanda farm in Hasparren. There, in the Pyrenees, animals are respected. The goats have abundant pastures and produce the best milk. The farm owners take the time to produce special cheeses like this Tomme de Chèvre. Our friend Pierre Oteiza, the ambassador of the Basque Country, chose this cheese. The taste is perfect with a cool and dry wine, white or rosé.

4. "Tomme aux fleurs" from Alsace (large box only)

Animal: Cow
Region: Alsace
Milk: raw milk

A delicious semi-hard cheese made from raw cow's milk with edible natural rind from Alsace. It has a wonderful variety of flavors with notes of nuts and curry. At the end of the ripening period, the Tommes are rubbed with a flower mixture, including cornflowers, clover, marigolds, roses, hay flowers and more. These petals distill their flavors in the heart of the dough, giving this cheese unique flavors. The “Rosé de Amaurigue” goes very well with this!

5. "Tonnelet de la Loza" from Savoie (large box only)

Animal: Sheep
Region: Savoie
Milk: raw milk

Another lovely new discovery, this cheese from our friend Eric from the Savoyard ripening cellars. We chose this goat cheese during our last trip to France. What particularly struck us about this farmer's cheese with a firm dough is its similarity to Gruyère with wonderful aromas of mountain flowers and sheep.
The name comes from its shape: small barrel.
With a white wine that brings out the flavors even more, the cheese is a real treat for the palate.

6. "Picodon" from Auvergne (large box only)

Animal: goat
Region: Auvergne
Milk: raw milk

In Provencal Picaoudou means "smaller
Spicy cheese". Since the 14th century, it is still made according to the traditional method, with goat's milk, raw and full. Behind its clear taste of goat, sometimes spicy, the Picodon hides a delicate heart and subtle aromas of nuts and mushrooms Depending on the ripening process, a Picodon offers very different colors and flavors.

This wine is included

Rosé wine: "Rosé Amaurigue" from Provence

Region: Provence
Grapes: 40% Grenache, 40% Cinsault and 20% Syrah

Provence and rosé are a story of love and experts. The best rosé wine is made in this area of ​​France. This wine is harvested at night at low temperatures using a selection of the best vineyard plots to produce a fruity and dry wine. When tasting you get notes of peach and citrus fruits. A real delicacy with cheese.
This wine makes us think of traveling!

White wine: “Cuvée Marine” from Gascony (only in the large box)

Region: Côte de Gascogne
Grapes: Sauvignon and Colombard

This is a wine that we love at Augustas Box. A wine to enjoy with friends, as an aperitif, with goat cheese and especially with sheep cheese. In the mouth, the roundness and the dry side mix, as well as the aromas of exotic fruits (pineapple, mango). It's a real taste explosion! Take a piece of goat cheese and try it with this wine. You have a perfect combination there.

There was this pâté

"Pâté de Porc Basque Eric Ospital" (only if ordered)

Pork pie
Region: Basque Country

The Maison Ospital is to Basque gastronomy what Victor Hugo is to literature. The son Eric has taken over the family business and offers us wonderful Basque sausages. Here we have a delightful pate, lightly spiced with pimento, to be enjoyed on a nice piece of baguette.

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