This is what's inside: Augusta's box in June 2022

Das ist drin: Augustas Box im Juni 2022 - Augustas Box

This cheese is in it

1. Meule de Savoie

Raw milk hard cheese from cows in Savoie.

It is a cheese from the Gruyères family. It is made exclusively from the whole milk of cows coming from the Reblochon AOP area. The cows come to the pastures in spring and feed on the grass of the mountains. The traces of the fresh flowers can be found in the cheese.
The production is similar to Beaufort. The cheese is stored for 4-6 months in damp cellars made of natural rock. During this maturation period, the Meule is treated like the Beaufort by being brushed regularly and washed with brine.
Its fruity taste becomes more intense as it ripens. The creamy, golden-yellow dough is occasionally streaked with fine salt crystals. A fruity rosé or white wine goes well with this.

2. Mimolette Vielle from Northern France

Pasteurized milk from cows in the northern region of France.
The Losfeld family has been aging their cheeses in the town of Roubaix for four generations. Today they are the best specialists for Mimolette cheese, a spherical semi-hard cheese. The name comes from the French "mimou", semi-soft. Depending on the age, it has a mild, nutty to strong, spicy taste. It is often eaten with brown bread and cornichons. Since it is easy to grate, there are also many possible uses in hot kitchens.

3. Garralda from the Basque Country

Raw goat milk from the Basque Country.

This beautiful farmer's cheese is made on the Bordalanda farm in Hasparren. There, in the Pyrenees, animals are respected. The goats have abundant pastures and produce the best milk. The farm owners take the time to produce special cheeses like this Tomme de Chèvre. Our friend Pierre Oteiza, the ambassador of the Basque Country, chose this cheese. The taste is perfect with a cool and dry wine, white or rosé.

4. Tomme aux fleurs from Alsace

Raw milk from cows in the Alsace region. A delicious semi-hard cheese made from raw cow's milk with edible natural rind from Alsace. It has a wonderful variety of flavors with notes of nuts and curry. At the end of the ripening period, the Tommes are rubbed with a flower mixture, including cornflowers, clover, marigolds, roses, hay flowers and more. These petals distill their flavors in the heart of the dough, giving this cheese unique flavors. The “Rosé Preignes Le Neuf” goes very well with this!

This wine is included

Wine 1: Rosé Preignes Le Neuf from the Midi region

Rosé wine from the Midi region
Grapes: Grenache
Winery: Preignes les neufs

Today we introduce you to a very old winery. The Vic family has been making wine in the Bézier area since 1898. In this box we present you a rosé that is perfect for summer. It is easy to drink and goes very well with cheeses such as Meule de Savoie or Tomme aux Fleurs. A fresh wine, fine and delicate on the nose with a beautiful, floral expression in the mouth. It is also a certified Terra Vitis wine.

Wine 2: Chateau Nicot Entre Deux Mers from the Midi region (only if ordered)

White wine from the Bordeaux region
Grapes: 60% Sauvignon, 25% Semillon,
15% Muscadelle
Winery: Chateau Nicot

Located between the Dordogne and the Garonne (two seas are actually two rivers), the history of this winery is tied to the Bordeaux region.
Here we have a wine that can be enjoyed in good company, ideally with a good cheese, goat's cheese for example.
It is a mineral wine with floral notes and notes of peach and exotic fruits.

There was this sausage

Txirula from the Basque Country(only if ordered)

This dry sausage from the Basque Country is tasted finely sliced ​​and served as an aperitif. It is made from pork, salt, lactose, wheat dextrose, sucrose and spices (pepper, garlic, chili, nutmeg).

Summer break

Yes, dear ones, our box subscription is taking a break for two months.

If the outside temperature is high, we cannot guarantee that the cheese will arrive well chilled.

But that doesn't mean we aren't there for you. You can still order gift boxes.

Maybe I can delight you again soon with an article or a recipe suggestion.

We wish you a magical summer with many nice trips or trips.

Silvia and the Augustas Box team greet you

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