This is what's inside: Augusta's box in May 2022

Das ist drin: Augustas Box im Mai 2022 - Augustas Box

This cheese is in it

1. Tomme de brebis haut Barry Aveyron region

Raw milk from sheep from the Aveyron region.

This sheep's milk cheese comes from the Larzac plateau. Its bark is naturally grown and its texture is delicate. Maturation in the stone cellar gives the Tomme suppleness and a floral aroma that remains mild in the mouth. The molds used to make this cheese are also used for Gouda.
The sheep's cheese with a firm dough has the peculiarity of being compatible with a dry white wine as well as with a fruity red wine.

2. Persillé de Tignes from Savoie

Raw cow and goat milk from Savoie.
A rare and rustic cheese made by only a few farmers. It has the shape of a small cylinder. Its originally white bark changes throughout the ripening process into colors of gray, brown, yellowish and sometimes even develops bluish spots. Its taste also changes depending on the ripening time. When young it offers finely salted goat aromas, later it tastes more like undergrowth and mushrooms. The white paste is compact, chalky and melts in the mouth. It goes particularly well with wine due to its crumbly structure.

3. Gaperon from the Auvergne region

Raw milk cheese from cows in the Auvergne region.
Its name comes from the Auvergne word "gape" for buttermilk, because it was originally made from the milk left over after churning. Gaperon is a semi-hard cheese seasoned with garlic, ground pepper and herbs. After a ripening period of three to eight weeks, it can be eaten, preferably in the summer months. Its taste is intensely spicy. Its rind consists of solidified cheese mass with a white layer of mold and is suitable for consumption.

4. Tomme au foin from Savoie

Raw milk cheese from cows in Savoie.

A fantastic smell wafts towards you when you open this cheese. A scent of summer and freshly mown hay from the meadows in the Savoie mountains. The cheese matures in a haystack for two months. Farmers have done it this way before. Hay has the advantage that the moisture in the cheese is retained and so the cheese could continue to ripen outside of the cellar, which also saved space.
The cheese goes very well with a fruity white wine, but also with a red wine.

This wine is included

1. Blanc Bino from the Languedoc region

White wine from the Languedoc St. Chinian region
Grapes 100% Chardonnay
Winery: Domaine Rimbert

Here we have a wine that is fun to share with friends. The Rimbert winery stands for surprising but always delicious wines.
The wine tastes fresh and dynamic, perfectly balanced. It offers notes of green apples, white flowers, lemon and apricot with beautiful minerals. It is a fresh and fruity wine that goes very well with all of our cheeses.

2. Camy from the Southwest Madrian region (only if ordered)

Red wine from the Southwest Madiran region
Grapes: Tannat and Cabernet Franc
Winery: Domaine Laougué

A fruity and powerful wine: Tannat and Cabernet franc together produce notes of very ripe red fruits (cassis, raspberry and blackberry). The tannins are very present, but how could that be otherwise for a wine like this.
It is often said that it is not easy to combine red wine and cheese, but this wine goes perfectly with a Tomme de Montagne or a Tomme de Brebis.

There was this sausage

Saucisson à la tomato from Provence (only if ordered)

A sausage from Provence with a touch of sun-ripened and air-dried tomatoes. We have thought of everything to welcome the summer with you and to take a little bit to our producers. This pork sausage (100%) is produced in the Forez plateaus, in the middle of the forest.

We wish you a nice start to the summer with our cheese and cool wine. Maybe you'll have a nice picnic for Father's Day.

You can also visit the La Cantine d'Augusta online shop.

Silvia and the Augustas Box team say all the best to you.

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