This is what's inside: Augusta's box in March 2020

Das ist drin: Augustas Box im März 2020 - Augustas Box

This cheese is in it

1. Bleu de Laqueille

Pasteurized cow's milk cheese from Aufvergne. This blue cheese loaf comes from the neighborhood of Hyelaz, a few kilometers away, and is particularly appreciated on a piece of bread, in gratin (chorizo ​​and pasta) or in salad. Plus a lovely wine.

2. Le St Felicien

One of our favorite cheeses. Powerful, melting and flowing. A cheese for connoisseurs. To be enjoyed in company or alone with a good white or red wine. Either fits, depending on your preference. Raw cow's milk from the Lyon region.

3. Munster

Raw cow's milk cheese from Alsace. It is powerful and intense and best characterizes the Alsatian region. It is also very popular in salads or on warm potatoes. The enjoyment is perfect with a Gewürztraminer or a Cahors.

4. Chabichou

Small in size but big in taste and with a long history. This goat cheese is the oldest cheese in the Loire region. It has a nice, strong aroma and over time it acquires a slightly gray bark. Let yourself be seduced. Raw goat milk.

5. Brebis de haute Savoie

Raw milk cheese from sheep. Despite its typical gray crust, it is absolutely delicious. This nutty cheese tastes like Parmesan in a salad or grated. A real treat that comes straight from the Savoie - the name says it all!

6. Chaource

Raw cow's milk cheese from Champagne. In the beautiful region of Champagne they produce not only wonderful sparkling wine but also the great Chaource cheese, mild at the beginning of maturation and increasingly stronger over time. It can be enjoyed very well with a Chardonay or a Champagne.

This wine is included

Chardonnay Domaine Preignes les Neufs

This white wine comes precisely from the south of France. It is fine and delicate with a floral aroma, also of honey and blackberries, a bit of vanilla. The wine goes perfectly with goat cheese like the Chabichou that you have in your box.

Cuvée des galets

The red wine from the Estézargues winemakers in the Occitanie region is one of our favorite wines. Not too strong, but with enough character. It has a nice fruity note when drinking, which is particularly expressed by the aroma of dark fruits such as blackberries. It goes well with the cheese because it doesn't overwhelm it with a tannin taste that is too present.

There was this sausage

Saucisson Nature de Savoie

This time the air-dried sausage comes from the beautiful Savoie. This air-dried salami has enjoyed the best mountain air - you can taste that too!

We wish you a lot of fun and bon appetite with your Augustas Box :)
Your team from Augustas Box

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