This is what’s inside: Augusta’s box in November 2021

Das ist drin: Augustas Box im November 2021 - Augustas Box

This cheese is in it

1. "Vacherin Fribourgeois" from the Fribourg region (Switzerland)

Raw milk from the cow. A wonderful cheese from our Swiss friends. A cheese with a creamy texture that, when eaten cold, has a pleasant nutty taste. But it is also an important type of cheese in a fondue because it gives a soft aspect. The Swiss use it for their famous half and half fondue.

2. "Emmental de Savoie" from the Savoie

Pasteurized cow's milk. One of the most famous cheeses in the world. Our Emmental has the taste of alpine pastures and ancient knowledge. The industrially produced cheese is often tasteless.
Do you know why the Emmental has holes? We will tell you on Thursday evening at the live tasting. You can also read an article about it in our blog.

3. "Comté Fruité" from the Franche Comté region

Raw milk from the cow. This cheese has given its name to an entire region. He is very much appreciated at Augustas Box. Sometimes it has salt crystals (if it is old), sometimes it has a fruity taste, it always knows how to please. Comté is made in dairies that look like giant cathedrals of cheese. The best cheese masters select it. You can also taste this cheese with us at the fondue.

4. "Beaufort" from Savoie

Raw milk cheese from cows in Savoie. A 45 kilo cheese wheel with the typical concave outer edge. This shape was used by farmers in the mountains for easier transport. You could easily tie the cheese wheels with a cord and bring them down to the valley on the back of a mule. During the Revolution, 1,500 loaves saved Parisians from famine.
The prince of cheese, an irreplaceable taste! For Grandma Augusta, a good fondue is not made without Beaufort! Try it with us.

5. "Petit Gaugry" from the Bourgogne region (large box only)

Pasteurized milk from Bourgogne cows. The great house Gaugry, specialist in the "épaisse" in Burgundy, offers us the mini version of the "époisse". A cheese that deserves a lot of attention. Its rind is called "Lavé" and the master cheesemaker washes this cheese 2 to 3 times a week with Marc de Bourgogne. This gives it an intense flavor, it's all the flavor of Burgundy in concentrated form. This cheese goes perfectly with a dry and fruity wine.

6. "Bleu de Gex" from Pays de Gex (High Jura) (large box only)

Raw milk from cows in the Jura. Another cheese on the border with the Swiss. This cheese has a very old tradition in France, as it was the monks of the Abbey of St. Claude who began to shape its history in the 12th century. Lighter than the other blue cheeses, it goes perfectly with a light and fruity red wine like Esquisse Gaillac AOC.

This wine is included

White wine: "Pinot Blanc" from Alsace

Grapes: Pinot Blanc

This organic Pinot Blanc is dry and fruity. It is harvested by hand by the best winegrowers in Alsace. It creates a perfect balance with cheeses with a firm dough or with a nice fondue in winter.
Fruity notes of lemon, pear and white flowers. A true delicacy.
If you are in Alsace one day, visit the beautiful wine village of Eguisheim and take the time to discover the excellent winemakers.

Red wine: "Esquisse Gaillac AOC" from Occitanie (large box only)

Grapes: 90% Duras, 10% Syrah

In the town of Gaillac, the Rottier family offers us wines of very fine quality, fruity and warm. No sulphites have been added to this wine, which further enhances the fruity aromas. A real gourmet wine with aromas of red fruits and spices. A wine that goes perfectly with mountain cheeses or blue cheeses. It should be enjoyed quite cool.

This charcuterie existed

"Saucisson Vins et Échalottes" from Haute-Forez, Loire

(only if ordered)

A nice salami that suits autumn, with the taste of red wine and shallots, like a good sauce when cooking. This sausage is made in France using the meat of pigs raised in the mountains to achieve a very spicy taste.

Yes, dear ones,

This box has it all, because cheeses 1-4 are the ingredients for our popular cheese fondue , if you want.

There is also a recipe for this in the blog.

Yesterday at the virtual live tasting, in addition to the boxing presentation, we were also invited to prepare the cheese fondue together. The participants obviously had fun and tasted great too.

My mouth was watering just watching and I can't wait to make my fondue too.

Get through the cloudy November well and, above all, stay healthy!

Greetings from Silvia and the Augustas Box team

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