This is what’s inside: Augusta’s box in September 2022

This cheese is in it

1. Tome of the building

Raw cow's milk from the Savioe
This mountain cheese from Savoie has a very distinctive taste and is reminiscent of farms and cows in alpine meadows. It was primarily a home cheese for families' own use and also served as a medium of exchange. Its peculiarity is that it goes better with a red wine than a white wine. “Tome” is spelled correctly, old tradition!

2. Tommette de Chèvre fermières

Raw goat's milk cheese from Savoie

It will soon be time for the goats to return to the farms and leave the summer pastures. They enjoyed the fresh air and the mountain flowers. You will find all of this in your goat cheese, excellent quality and an incomparable taste.
Maturation takes place for two months in the tunnels of the Savoie aging cellars. Rosé, a dry and fruity wine, goes best with this cheese.

3. Langres

Pasteurized cow's milk cheese from the "Haute Marne" region

A soft cheese with a strong taste. The peculiarity of this cheese is that it has a hollow in the middle because it is never turned over during its maturation. Some people put some Burgundy pomace in the middle and flambé it. It also tastes great with brioche.
This cheese has had an AOC seal since 1991 and is only produced by a few cheese dairies. It almost disappeared in the 1950s. A red wine with light tannins like its cousin Oscar goes very well with Langres.

4.Blue de Laqueille

Pasteurized cow's milk cheese from the Auvergne region

Le Bleue de Laqueille is one of the Auvergne protected appellations (AOC). A joy for everyone because his milk is pasteurized. The taste is milky and slightly salty, the cheese has a slight cellar smell. It will go perfectly with a fruity rosé like Rosé Allois. This blue cheese is particularly appreciated on a piece of bread, in a gratin (with chorizo ​​and pasta) or in a salad. Bon appetit!

This wine is included

Wine 1: Cousin Oscar

Grapes: Cinsault and Pinot Noir
Region: Pays D'OC
Winery: Domaine Rimbert

Jean Marie Rimbert offers us an amazing red wine here, just like he makes all his wines. A very light, atypical red wine with the new trend of natural wines. (Wine made from organically grown grapes, without the use of chemicals, additives and technology.)
Drink this wine slightly chilled; it develops beautiful notes of small red fruits and sunshine. It goes perfectly with the cheese because its tannin content is not too pronounced.

Wine 2: Infiniment Rosé (only if ordered)

Grapes: 10% Grenache noir, 10% Mourvedre,
80% Syrah
Region: Luberon
Winery: Allois

Let's end the summer with a nice, well-chilled rosé with fruity notes. The Busi family has been working in this beautiful area of ​​Lubéron for three generations. We find aromas of grapefruit or white peaches in this 'BIO and Demeter wine.
Rosé wines are amazingly compatible with cheese; their fruity side goes well with strong cheeses.

There was this sausage

Saucisson aux herbes de Provence(only if ordered)

This sausage has the taste of Provence. It's like going back on vacation again. The afternoons in the south of France with the beautiful scents and tastes of thyme, oregano, rosemary, basil...

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