This is in Augusta's box in March 2022

Das ist drin in Augustas Box im März 2022 - Augustas Box

This cheese is in it

1. "Coulommiers" from the Seine et Marne region

Raw milk from cows in the Seine and Marne region.
Here is a cheese that needs to be rediscovered. Unfortunately, nowadays it is too industrialized and is made from tasteless pasteurized milk. We would like to introduce you to the original version, which is made from raw milk and has a nice nut and mushroom aroma. A real pleasure!

2. "Chabichou" from the Loire region

Pasteurized milk from cows in the Loire region.
Small in size but big in taste and with a long history. This goat cheese is the oldest cheese in the Loire region. The Saracens, who settled in the town of Poitou as early as 730 AD, called their goats and the cheese made from the milk "chebli" after the Arabic word for goat.
The cheese has a nice, strong aroma and over time it takes on a slightly gray rind. Let yourself be seduced!

3. "Livarot" from the Calvados region

Raw milk from cows in the Calvados region.

The “Colonel” of cheese. The name comes from the five small ribbons tied around it - similar to a "colonel's" uniform. It was one of the most popular cheeses in France before it was dethroned by Camembert. An excellent cheese with a strong aroma.

4. "Petit Gaugry" from Bourgogne

Pasteurized milk from Bourgogne cows.
The great house Gaugry, specialist in the "Epoisse" in Burgundy, offers us the mini version of the cheeses. A cheese that deserves a lot of attention. Its rind is called "Lavé" and the master cheesemaker washes this cheese 2 to 3 times a week with Marc de Bourgogne. This gives it an intense flavor, it's all the flavor of Burgundy in concentrated form.
This cheese goes perfectly with a dry and fruity wine like Vouvray. But a fruity wine like the cider in your box brings the necessary gentleness to the cheese.

This wine is included

Wine 1: Cider from Normandy

Sparkling apple wine from Normandy
Winery: La Monnerie Distillery
Why not choose a cider to best defend the match between cheese and wine. That is our goal at Augustas Box.
We chose a cider from the farmer that appealed to us because of its dry side. The cider is an excellent companion for cheeses with soft dough, but also for stronger cheeses or blue cheese.
A real pleasure to share and enjoy together.

Wine 2: "Vouvray Tuffo Sec" from the Loire region (only if you chose the two wine option)

White wine from the Loire region
Grapes: Chenin Blanc
Winery: Damien Pinon

A wine dry and fruity, with a beautiful golden color, notes of citrus, mineral flavor and hints of honey: yes, this is a Vouvray!
It goes perfectly with goat cheese. The Vouvray has this special feature of complex wines, the smell of which can tell you a lot.
The Pinon family has existed for three generations and produces some of the best wines in the Loire.

There was this paté

"Paté de Canard" from southern France (only if ordered)

This time we have a duck pie with a hint of Armagnac. It is produced near Tarbes in the south of France and offers us a beautiful combination of food and wine.
This product is guaranteed to be 100% natural.

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