This is in Augusta's box in October 2022

Das ist drin in Augustas Box im Oktober 2022 - Augustas Box

This cheese is in it

Cheese 1 Saint Nectaire

Raw cow's milk cheese from Auvergne

This cheese is a real monument and is part of France's intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO. It has been produced since the 15th century. Actually only made on the farm, it was eaten on the spot, but it evolved and found its way onto the table of Louis XVI. found.
A divine cheese with a delicate aroma.
World champion sommelier Olivier Poussier recommends red wine with Saint Nectaire. And you will see that it is perfect.

Cheese 2 Reblochon

Raw cow's milk cheese from Savoie

Delicious, delicately flavored cheese from the mountains with a full-bodied taste. A semi-hard cheese with a creamy, melting interior. Its bark is orange-yellow in color and has a white coating. It has been labeled AOC since 1958.
It is certainly one of the fondest cheese memories from Sébastien's childhood. You can eat it just as well cold as you can warm in a tartiflette. A perfect winter dish. You can find out more about his story in our blog.

Cheese 3 Maroilles

Raw cow's milk cheese from the north

A cheese with character, it was also loved by kings, like Brie de Meaux. Created by the monks in the abbey of the small village of Maroilles, this cheese goes perfectly with a good Pinot Blanc or a strong red wine.
The special lovers like to let the cheese age a little so that it can reveal all its aromas. Use the cheese cold or warm, for example as a croque monsieur or in a tart.

Cheese 4 Tomme au marc

Raw cow's milk cheese from the "Beaujolais" region

So! The vintage is over. But the life of the grape does not end there. Some cheesemakers have come up with the good idea of ​​refining their cheeses with grape pomace. The result is a cheese with a dark burgundy rind and exceptional aromas of red wine. A strong and delicious cheese. It shows that wine and cheese go really well together. A strong, fruity red wine goes perfectly with this cheese.

This wine is included

Wine 1 Oui Dry

Region: Alsace
Grapes: Alsatian grapes
Winery: Ginglinger

Our friend Michel gave us a taste of this vintage when we were on our trip to France. Here he creates a fresh wine, dry and unique. He takes great pleasure in blending different Alsatian grapes every year to create a wine that people enjoy drinking in company and that will soon be declared organic.

Wine 2 40eme Rugissant (only if ordered)

Region: Côte du Rhône
Grapes: 50% Grenache, 25% Carignan,
25% Mourvèdre from old vines
Winery: Cave d'Estezargues

Our wine and cheese expert Sébastien particularly appreciates this cuvée.
A wine with great aromatic richness, notes of blackberries, chocolate or licorice and cinnamon. It is the most beautiful success from this winery. The production process is extraordinary because the winemaker made a carbonic maceration here.
What is that? In a nutshell:
Whole, undamaged grapes are placed in an airtight fermentation container. Left to their own devices, the fruits begin to ferment and bubble from the inside out.
This gives red wines a stronger color and fruity, intense aromas.


This sausage existed

Saucisson Comté (only if ordered)

This delicate pork sausage comes from the mountains and has a nice piece of Comté inside. In France they call this "une gourmandise" - a real treat.

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