February 2020

Februar 2020 - Augustas Box

This cheese is in it

1. Coeur de Neufchatel

Soft cheese made from raw cow's milk, Normandy. A very old cheese that was mentioned as early as 1035. This cheese, with its special shape, is very popular among cheese connoisseurs. Its shape comes from the fact that the Norman women gave the cheese to the handsome English soldier during the 100 Years' War. He often tells a love story. What we love most about this cheese is its white moldy rind and chalky interior. The young cheese tastes very mild, the riper cheese is characterized by a very strong, characteristic taste.

2. Gruyere

This is a cheese that we particularly like at Cantine d'Augusta. First of all, because this cheese develops a distinct walnut or hazelnut-like flavor that goes perfectly with a white wine like Clairmentino. But also because you can use it in fondue, in gratin, on warm bread and more... A true Alpine delicacy, which has long been a point of contention between France and Switzerland, as it is made on both sides of the border. Raw milk hard cheese from cows in Savoie.

3. Roquefort

The cheese of lovers. Raw whole milk from sheep. It is always made in the limestone caves of the same name. Its taste is incomparable, powerful and creamy at the same time. Don't hesitate to try it with an old rum that's a little sweet. Simply delicious.

4. Tome des bauges

Sébastien describes the cheese from his childhood as follows: "The memories of my childhood spent on the farms of Savoy are brought back by this cheese. The milking of the cows, the sensations and smells of the aging cellars remain indelible memories." It is one of the rare cheeses that goes better with a red wine than a white wine. Its taste of mountain cheese is very pronounced. It has a strong nutty aroma and a yellow, creamy dough. The cheese is easily recognized by its thick, gray rind with reddish and yellowish hues and by the famous "cat fur" that forms on its surface. Note that this cheese is only spelled with an "M", as it was previously called. The word Tome comes from "toma", which in the Savoyard dialect means "cheese made on the mountain pastures". Raw cow's milk cheese from Savoie.

5. Tomme des Croquants

The crispy Tomme des Croquants, refined with walnut liqueur, is characterized by a brown, dark-colored rind. It is a cheese with ivory-colored dough, soft and supple, gentle, with a delicate nutty flavor and it is appreciated by everyone. You can also drink a good Bergerac. Semi-hard cheese, raw cow's milk, Savoie.

6. Persillé de Tignes

Rare cheese made by only a few farmers. It goes particularly well with wine due to its crumbly structure. Don't be afraid if it turns bluish, that's normal! Raw milk from cows and goats from Savoie.

This wine is included

La vigne D'Albert Bergerac

Discovered by our two sommeliers during the organic vintage show in Montpellier, this Bergerac fascinated us with its character and delicious taste. A beautiful homage to Grandfather Albert, who planted this vine in the 60s. Try it with a Tomme de Savoie or a Coeur de Neufchatel. Grapes: Malbec, Merlot, Cabernets, Fer Servadou, Périgord noir. La Tour des Gendres winery from the Bergerac region.


Our friend, the winemaker Georges Perrot, has put together the two old grape varieties "Le Vermentino" and "La Clairette" from Provence. This results in a floral wine, easy to drink as an aperitif, accompanied by a cheese such as Persillé de Tignes or Gruyère. Grapes: Clairette and Vermentino from the southern Côte du Rhône region. Domaine La Colliière

There was this sausage

Paté porc Basque Pierre Oteiza

Our Berlin grandma’s favorite sausage. Pierre Oteiza's sausage is made in the Basque Country. His pigs have been raised in the beautiful mountains of Aldudes for at least 18 months.

We wish you a lot of fun and bon appetite with your Augustas Box :)
Your team from Augustas Box

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