Fromager Bernard Mure-Ravaud

Fromager Bernard Mure-Ravaud - Augustas Box

If you want to get to know someone who not only loves cheese, but also thinks cheese and lives cheese, you should meet our dear friend Bernard Mure-Ravaud for a glass of wine. Or simply continue reading, for example with a glass of wine from Augusta's Box.

We work very closely with Bernard because we don't know anyone who loves and loves the profession of fromager better than him. In his small shop on Rue Straßbourg in Grenoble, he has become world famous in the world of French cheese and can call himself a master of a real craft. Back in 1989, he set his first record with a plate filled with 479 different types of cheese; Before, no one had been able to present so many different types of cheese. He then beat himself in 1993 by presenting the largest number of different young cheese varieties worldwide. The fact that Bernard can't get enough of cheese is shown not only by these extremely remarkable records, but also by the number of types of cheese that he sells in his small shop in Grénoble. It is said that his world is as round as a Comté's wheel, because he sells 250 different types of cheese in his small shop. He won several cheese championships and cheese world championships, received not only the “Caseus Award” but also the title “Cheese Master of the Year from Guide Pudlo”. Since then he has chaired the Cheese Guild of France. When it comes to cheese, whether its origin, production, composition and creation of "cheese hymns", you can always ask Bernard. Because the transfer of knowledge about this craft in all its forms is particularly important to him. True to Brillat-Savarin's motto, a meal without cheese would be like a beautiful woman missing an eye, so with Bernard and with us, the right cheese cannot be missing from a meal and only with the right knowledge does the true poetry of cheese unfold.

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