Easter in France

Ostern in Frankreich - Augustas Box

This year, Easter in all countries will unfortunately be very different than usual, but I would still like to tell you a few things about Easter in France.

In Germany, the Easter bunny traditionally brings the colorful eggs. The long-eared eared does not come to France, where it is only found sporadically in Alsace. Our neighbors still have Easter eggs and we look for them in the garden on Easter Sunday. The Easter lamb is also part of the festival in France.

Traditionally the bells fly from France to Rome.
Easter is also an important festival for all Christians in France. However, our neighbors have to work on Good Friday.
In France, all church bells are silent from Maundy Thursday to Easter Sunday. After the bells ring for the last time on Thursday, they make their way to Rome to receive blessings and sweets at the same time.
The bells return to France on Easter Sunday. They then lose their treats and colorful eggs on their way across the country. This is how the eggs and sweets end up in France's gardens.
That's why the children there don't get chocolate bunnies but rather chocolate bells.

As you of course know, France is known for good food and the art of enjoyment. At Easter, too, there is plenty of family dining. A deliciously prepared leg of lamb is the traditional dish based on the Easter lamb.

Happy Easter / Joyeuses Pâques
and stay healthy

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