Who we are and why we are here

Wer wir sind und warum wir hier sind - Augustas Box

Berlin is sometimes very fast and hectic and we often find it difficult to even find the time to enjoy the moment. This situation certainly does not only apply to Berlin. Between all the big city, professional and family life, there is a small shop in the middle of Berlin-Schöneberg where French savoir vivre can be found. Enriched with the finest wines and a lavish selection of cheeses, you will find a little piece of France in the middle of Berlin. We cannot tell you the right recipe for the art of enjoying life. But we warmly invite you to visit us or order your personal savoir vivre for your own home. Put together in "La Cantine d'Augusta", our heart and family center in Berlin, we send carefully put together boxes directly to your home.

But who actually is Augusta?

Augusta, the lady in the picture, is Sébastien's grandmother. Not only did she inspire him with French cuisine and teach him many of his secret recipes, but she also showed him that the most important ingredient in every dish is love.

Because good taste and the joy of eating are so important to us, we always pay attention to the origin of our products and therefore also to who produces and supplies these products. That's why all our cheeses come from our friend Bernard Mure Ravaud from Grenoble. He became world champion cheese maker in 2007 and you can taste it. We also source our other products from small producers that we know personally.

For the boy from the mountains, a childhood dream comes true in "La Cantine d'Augusta": a small piece of his French home in the middle of Berlin. That's why Augusta's box is part of this dream, because he can now send his attitude to life halfway around the world. Sébastien is the person who puts together our boxes after selecting the French delicacies and gourmet products himself. Sébastien likes all his products, but his favorite is Morbier.

So that everyone knows about our good fortune, Vianney takes care of our online presence and the web shop. He has the right tool and the right solution for every problem. It's great to chat with him about God and the world over a glass of crémant.

And because they both always have enough to do, there is also our working student Esther, who is there to help at the right time and in the right place. She can't do without Comté.

What do we want?

Share the French family feeling and the art of enjoying life with you and bring it into your own four walls. How do we do that? Carefully selected with the highest value in quality and love for the products, lovingly put together and packaged. We can't fit anything else into the box. In addition to our products in the box, you will find the most important information about the product itself and inspiring stories and recipes on our blog.

We look forward to your visit – or your order ;-)

Bon appetite!

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