June 2020

Juni 2020 - Augustas Box

This cheese is in it:

1.Templais Fleuron

A characterful cheese with a nutty taste. Its consistency will remind you of old Italian Parmesan. It is best enjoyed on a nice cheese platter with a good glass of rosé, which gives it even more mildness.

2. Tomme de Chèvre de Savoie

The French know the story of Mr. Seguin's goat very well and of course I do too. It is Annieque goat cheese that I would like to introduce to you. With my friend Eric I met Annie in the cheese cellars of Savoie, which produces very good mountain goat cheese with a firm dough.

3. Saint Marcellin

Soft cheese from Dauphiné cows or goats, raw or pasteurized milk. It tastes great both dry and soft and liquid. It has a sour, mild aroma. We love it!

4.Onetik Chevre et Brebis

The small cheese dairy Onetik from the Basque Country makes wonderful cheese from two types of milk, sheep and goat. Only milk from the immediate vicinity of the cheese dairy is used to maximize the taste of the area's meadows, but also to incorporate traditional knowledge.

5. Saint-Nectaire (only in the large box)

Semi-hard cheese from Auvergne cows, raw milk and pasteurized milk. A divine cheese, creamy, elastic dough under a natural whitish mold rind with a delicate aroma. Even a saint would throw himself into damnation for this cheese...A Saint-Émilion goes well with it to complete the enjoyment.

6. Bleu des Aillons (only in the large box)

In the Bauges mountain range in Savoie, where the famous Tome de Bauges cheese is produced, you can also find this blue cheese, made with the same mushrooms as Roquefort. It has a melting consistency like butter and a strong taste, a real treat, especially with the Rosé St. Jacques.

This wine is in it:

Rosé St Jacques

Grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Syrah and Tannat. A tasty and fruity rosé that goes perfectly with Bleu des aillons. We find nice notes of red fruits such as strawberry or blackberry. The Ménard family, who also make excellent Armagnacs, produce very popular, delicious wines in the Côtes de Gascogne.

Instant Sauvignon (only in the large box)

Grapes: 100% Sauvignon. Between Sancerre and Cheverny, the Bertier family produces a beautiful Sauvignon, just the way we love it. A dry wine, rich and mineral. This wine goes perfectly with goat cheese and sheep cheese.

Sausage (only if you ordered it)

Saucisson aux herbs de Provence

Hard sausage with herbs from Provence

You've probably worked up an appetite. :)

See you soon, Silvia and the Augustas Box team

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