Augusta's cheese fondue recipe

Augustas Käsefondue Rezept - Augustas Box

Hello, my dears!

There are many stories about whether fondue was first made by the French or first by the Swiss. For example, the story of the Frenchman Francois Pierre de La Varenne, who wrote a recipe for cheese fondue in 1651. We won't be able to resolve this dispute, but that doesn't matter much given this delicious meal.

Here we introduce you to Sébastien's grandmother Augusta's fondue recipe. It is a family recipe that we share with you. A recipe from the beautiful mountains of Savoie.

This is what you need for a cheese fondue for four people:

  • 200g Beaufort
  • 200g Comté cheese
  • 200g Vacherin Fribourgeois
  • 200 g Emmental cheese (preferably from Savoie, but Swiss will also work)
  • 15 cl white wine from Savoie (preferably)
  • 1 clove of garlic if you like

Important: You do n't need eau de vie, like kirsch. We prefer to drink this after eating ;-) You don't need cornstarch either!

It goes well with a nice green salad, a few warm potatoes if you want and some ham.


Cut or grate the 800g cheese into small pieces. If possible, use a cast iron pot. Rub the garlic clove around the bottom of your pot (again, only if you want) and heat half of the white wine. Then carefully add the cheese (about half) and stir well. Add the rest of the white wine and the rest of the cheese one at a time and stir, stir, stir!

If the fondue seems too compact, add another 5cl of white wine, but no more! When everything is well melted, you should get a smooth and homogeneous paste.

Then you take bread from the day before (so that it doesn't decompose with the fondue, you need bread that is a little hard) and cut it into cubes.

And now? Enjoy!

You dip your bread into the fondue using a long fork to avoid burning yourself. Carefully turn the fork and fish out the delicious cheese onto your plate. And then at the end you drink the liquor for digestion.

Another tip: When you're done with your fondue, leave it on the fire and crack an egg into it, stirring it well to make scrambled eggs with cheese. It is delicious.

Bon appetite

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