The wines of the Loire

Die Weine der Loire - Augustas Box

Wine has been grown on France's longest river since the 5th century. The vineyards of the Val de Loire stretch over 800 km. The river is lined with historic aristocratic residences. The so-called “Valley of Castles” was therefore declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is considered the number 1 region for wine tourism in France when it comes to the quality of hospitality and invites you to take long bike rides along the riverbanks and through the vineyards.

The Loire wine-growing region extends from Bourges in the Centre-Val de Loire region in the east to the mouth of the Atlantic near Nantes. The harmonious mix of a mild climate and a mosaic of terroirs promotes the creation of a rich variety of wines. A total of 24 grape varieties are at home in the Loire. Cabernet Franc, Chenin, Melon de Bourgogne and Sauvignon are particularly popular. White wines dominate with 36.4% of total production, followed by 26.4% rosés, 20.2% red wines and 17% sparkling wines.

No matter whether red, rosé or white, there is the right Loire wine for every occasion!

Only here on the Loire does Cabernet Franc produce such elegant red wines that can last for decades.

The Chenin Blanc, which is used to make every type of wine imaginable that uses white grapes, achieves such legendary quality nowhere else. His sweet wines are practically immortal. Vouvrays or Coteaux du Layons from 1874 or 1893, for example, are still inspiring vintages today.

Muscadet is known as a light, fruity and sparkling white wine.
The slightly undulating land in this region is constantly exposed to the influence of the ocean, which is why winters are mild and summers are usually humid. The advantage of this grape variety is that it is relatively frost-resistant and ripens early.

Sancerre is the stronghold of Sauvignon. In this area it achieves a special intensity and finesse when pure. Sancerre is the most famous wine town and the largest growing area with almost 2000 hectares of vines.

The aim of this blog is to arouse your curiosity, so enough talking shop.

Just come by the Cantine Augusta and let Sébastien introduce you to the intricacies of Loire wines. Try, taste and enjoy the goat cheeses typical of the Loire.

Bon appetite!

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