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Fun Facts Frankreich - Augustas Box
  • With 5 million, France is the country with the most civil servants in Europe.
  • In order to completely walk through the Louvre with all its rooms and its 35,000 works of art, you have to cover 14.5km. Phew!
  • On average, a French person eats half a baguette a day, meaning around 10 billion baguettes are sold in France every year.
  • In keeping with the 5 million civil servants, there are 150 carrier pigeons that work for the French military - eh, fly!
  • If you were planning on landing a flying saucer in France, you definitely shouldn't land on a vineyard. This is forbidden by law...
  • Maire is the name for the job of mayor. There are 35,000 mayors in France.
  • If you want something quieter, Lozére and Creuse are the least populated departments in France.
  • France has a world record for the number of traffic circles. If you want, you can avoid 30,000 traffic islands; By the way, many of these tops are decorated with eye-catching works of art.
  • In 2018, around every French person bought an average of 3.3 cinema tickets. Around 300 French films are produced every year. So if the roundabouts or the Louvre get boring, you'll definitely have fun here.
  • There are 40,000 castles, most of which can be found in the Centre-Val de Loire, Ile de France and Aquitaine regions.
  • The most important information about France: 1,200 different types of cheese are produced - including 46 French AOP cheeses. Yam yam.


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