Savoir Vivre

Savoir Vivre - Augustas Box

The term that sounds so beautiful and yet is so difficult to say. But what do the French mean when they talk about the art of enjoying life?

The catchphrase originated during the lifetime of the Sun King Louis XIV, who was responsible, among other things, for the construction of the Palace of Versailles. Versailles as a metaphor for the enjoyable and affirming way of life of the French. However, since not every Frenchman can afford a castle of such proportions, the term connects the nation beyond the beauty of this magnificent building and closes socio-cultural gaps. From the French etiquette, which is understood by the term savoir vivre, the way of living together and the rules about it, to the enjoyable celebration of good French food, savoir vivre encompasses all solidarity and community. Between phrases, table manners, the right expression or the enthusiasm of the French people, there seems to be an artist in every French person, regardless of their home. The little sister called "laisser faire" for the quality of tolerance, nonchalance and serenity adds the beloved feeling of freedom to the ability to create one's own happiness. So it's less about “living like God in France”, but rather going through everyday life like a king or queen and celebrating being together with good manners and, above all, good food.

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